Services Provided

Individuals/ Adults 21+


  • Anxiety
  • Women's Issues 
  • Relationships
  • Medical Issues-Yours or someone in your life. 
  • Loss

Women's Issues : How many things can one take care of? Maybe if we stayed up all night we could get it all done. Too much stress, not enough time in the day, balancing life's demands.  Showing up for everyone else and not for yourself. The difficulties are often too many to count. Care-taking, life transition, loneliness, difficult relationships, job, family. Feeling you can never do enough. Now it seems worse than ever.

Anxiety: Everyone gets nervous from time to time.  Anxiety is much more that that. Any fears you had before  may have increased. Feel like you're jumping out of your skin? Feel  "nervous all the time".  Worry might be something that plagues you.

Relationships : Relationship struggles can be with a family member or a significant other.  Many people struggle with people who make you feel you never do enough. They make you feel exhausted and sad. Much of my practice is helping people develop coping strategies in dealing those who leave you feeling drained and underappreciated.  

Medical Problems : Many people cope with trying to live a "normal life" while dealing with a medical diagnosis. It can become very overwhelming. Taking medication, going to doctor's appointments, having relationships with people who might not be there for you. That's just the tip of the iceberg.  You may struggle with feelings about someone you care about. You may feel stuck, angry, frustrated or sad.

Loss : Our new way of life is not only filled with loss but has accentuated any loss we have known. Socialization, a schedule, maybe a job,  We've lost the ability of doing things we could do before.. You may feel sad, alone, or even angry. You may have trouble concentrating or sleeping. Each moment can bring a whole new set of thoughts and feelings.